Kyra Clothing is a growing company in designing, developing, manufacturing and supplying consumer goods, serving the major retailers and brands globally. We are specialized in the leaders of the supply chain for numerous brands, department stores, hypermarkets, specialized stores and e-commerce platforms.

We dish up our customers through responsible supply chain management and strive to reach the premier standards and meet their desires through competitive prices, quality and consistent delivery. We take advantage of our deep experience, market knowledge and advanced technology to quickly respond to consumer and manufacturing developments.

Our relationship with customer, network and supplier operations is consummate. We have remarkable facilities to make almost any clothe. This puts us a bit over the rest when it comes to quality born from the work culture. As a vertical production company, we are committed to providing quality products at affordable prices.

We at Kyra Clothing continue to enhance and expand our opportunities for a secure future. Long years of trust and attention to credibility is our primary asset.


We offer solutions in the design of 360 degrees, product development, negotiation, production, quality and logistics costs.
We Collaborate

We work closely with our customers to meet their individual needs. A single team of our experts works closely with customers to assess their needs and use market research, fashion trends and fashion forecasting and innovative technologies to design the supply chain for delivery and its products.

We Innovate

We have the courage to innovate. We develop products and services for our customers. If the customer in a particular direction or need us to design the product to help us come here, our creative team is there every step. Between thinking, designing and prototyping, we make sure their vision becomes reality. In addition, we have prepared the best supply chain solution designed to optimize the price, quality, quantity and delivery of products to improve product launch speed.

We Source

We produce the world's leading product suppliers. We evaluate the plants based on their ability to provide the right products and follow their commitment to quality, safety and compliance. We have more than 15,000 suppliers through a variety of ways to meet the needs of our customers work.

Material Procurement

We choose and create the world's best quality and price for raw materials and parts suppliers.

We provide technical expertise and work with suppliers to ensure that the sample meets the requirements of design characteristics and quality.
Calculation of costs
We are committed to competitive pricing creative supply chain solutions for procurement, manufacturing and logistics.
Product monitoring
We connect all parts of the supply chain as well as the latest technology to monitor the pre-production cornerstone of the project.
Quality insurance
We guarantee the quality of the products with the standards set for quality, systems and procedures in the field of plant sources, laboratory tests, pre-production and finally, through quality control of premises inspections.
We Oversee

We have a practical approach to managing every aspect of the supply chain from concept to completion. We work with leading systems and programs to help our customers meet the requirements of quality, industry standards and local needs, regardless of whether to set up rapid response or factory-level compliance.

We Deliver

Our logistics network works tirelessly to get the products they need We not only get objects from one place to another. We analyze each client's needs, anticipate challenges, design opportunities and make contingency plans so they do not have to worry about travelling. We offer you a menu that can be customized logistics solutions, ranging from warehousing, transportation, repacking, customs brokerage, freight forwarding, rerouting and consolidation, as well as other value-added services, To facilitate delivery.


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"Cloths mean nothing until someone lives in them" Marc Jacobs


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